True random numbers. We serve the entropy, you consume it.
R&D in applications, algorithms, abstractions, software and security.
Bringing novel quantum mechanistic behaviour to game design.

Our Products & Services

Randomness as a Service with Entronet

Not all random numbers are created equal. The quality of this so-called entropy (randomness) is becoming more important than ever before in many fields.

Entronet provides true, high quality and certifiable entropy sourced and processed from various quantum and other hardware random number generators.

Whether you are an artist, musician, researcher or someone in the gaming, IoT, finance, blockchain, gambling/lottery or cybersecurity industries or just somebody with needs that appreciates true vs pseudo randomness, Entronet provides easy methods for you to access it.

Quantum Computing

There is a lot of over hype around revolutions promised by quantum computing in drug design, problem optimization for the likes of logistics, machine learning, finance, material science and simulating quantum systems but it is still early days in many respects.

Not getting caught up in the hype, we strongly believe practically useful quantum computers will be coming soon. This is the primary inspiration and motivation for us at Spinsphere to start becoming prepared now for application and algorithm development, and to also create abstractions to simplify this work going forward as the variety and complexity of use cases increases.

Part of this journey also includes working with quantum inspired algorithms and investigating what NISQ approaches can be used to add value to business use cases sooner rather than later as we play the waiting game for the practically useful (fault tolerant and scalable) quantum computers to become a reality.


Experiment and explore fun new ways of game design and development incorporating some of the weird, wacky and counter-intuitive behaviour of quantum mechanics and quantum computing with our Quagmire Quantum Physics Engine and SDK and related projects.

Security with Kaysec

Quantum-resistant, also known as quantum-safe or post-quantum encryption enabled Kaysec security services by Spinsphere provide secure and safe document and message transmission over the internet, data storage and VPN services.

Some of the jury is still out on if and when quantum computers will be able to quickly and effectively break today's encryption used for everything from your online shopping to messages sent to Grandama by running something like Shor's algorithm to factorize large prime numbers that form the basic premise that secures such encryption techniques used.

However, one common thing agreed upon by many in this field is that the lead time required to properly prepare existing systems by integrating them with quantum safe solutions could be many months to years, depending on the industry and requirements unique to each case.

So there is really no time like the present to start preparing your systems to to be quantum safe.

Consulting Services

Customized consulting services for any type of customer leveraging our wide range of experience, talents and interests.

Let us work with you to understand your business and use cases and show you how we can add value and optimize them.

App & Systems Development

With many of the team coming from years of technical and managerial experience in market research, app, web and systems development, cloud architecting, data analytics and engineering, UI/UX design, devops, machine learning, user behaviour analysis, NFT/blockchain/cryptocurrencies and much more, there is not much we could not design and develop for you.

Feel free to reach out to us for any help you need - it doesn't have to be anything to do with quantum! We can even assist with technical translation between different languages.