The Team


Our bald and bearded since-the-early-days Golang veteran, many years in computer vision and a very strong background in backend development and experience in various companies and industries. Loves entropy and novel and practical applications of randomness.Our other bearded and slightly balding (okay, TBH, this is an older photo;-)) developer who has been roaming Asia for the last two plus decades developing apps/games and running startups. Quantum computing and machine learning are his passions of late.

Our Mission

To be continually inspired from the from the tiny world of wonder that quantum physics is, and to learn, harness, develop and deliver the many novel and practical applications it can bring to the world – for everyone from individuals to small and medium businesses right up to large organizations – by offering software solutions for randomness, security, quantum computing application and algorithm research and development, gaming and consulting.

Our Vision

To become one of the many players who will help bring quantum computing into the main stream to help solve some of the world’s biggest and challenging problems intractable on even the fastest classical computers we have at our disposable today. Furthermore, we will also help educate people from all walks of life, and help contribute to the creation of an ecosystem and community for developers around the globe who want to get involved in what we believe will be the next big industrial revolution – quantum computing.

Behind the Name – Spinsphere. スピンスフェア. 旋球. 수핀수페아.

There are already a lot of company and product names in the space using Q or Quantum so we wanted to avoid that. We wanted a two-word name that is easy to pronounce and remember while retaining some roots in the quantum aspects that are of interest and relative to what we are doing now but that will also still be relevant years from now as we grow. Sphere and the .xyz domain come from the Bloch sphere – a visual way to represent the state of a basic quantum system. Spin comes from weird and wacky property of particles called quantum spin.