A little bit on quantum chip hardware

Even though we are interested and focusing more on the software side of quantum computing, given the fact that it’s still early days in all areas of the stack you can’t help but hear and wonder about the different types of hardware that is available, and being developed at the moment. Superconducting and ion trapping are two that tend to get a lot of focus in the news but there’s more. Recently I found myself looking for some info to understand more about the range of QPUs out there, their good and bad, and where they’re currently at with R&D so I thought I’d share the links I came across that help shed the light on the different physical ways of implementing qubits. I find this kind of knowledge fascinating because a lot of the coding we’re doing is still at the gates level so you need to appreciate the hardware your software is running on!

Anastasia Marchenkova’s YouTube video that covers the major ones.

Quantum Computing Hardware and Platforms | Superconducting Qubits, Trapped Ions, Majorana

And a series by the The Quantum Insider (formerly known as the The Quantum Daily) that covers the major ones:

ION Trapping

Cold (aka Neutral) Atoms

Quantum Annealing